trip around the sun
draws to a close
season shift
turning leaves
in blaze of color

Pat R


Hourglass poetry, created by Jane Dougherty, here she explains,
“…the form is inspired by Peter Bouchier’s lantern poem that he christened a ‘pine cone’ poem because its shape grew rather out of control. This is simpler than a pine cone, more like a butterfly quintain…”

The form: ten lines with a syllable count of

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Writers Quote Wednesday

I am participating in Writer’s Quote Wednesday over at SilverThreading.com with Colleen. This is in conjuction with RonovanWrites.com. All are invited, pop on over for a read of the entries or to join in:)

Here are my entries for this week.

“I am irritated by my own writing. I am like a violinist whose ear is true, but whose fingers refuse to reproduce precisely the sound he hears within”.
Gustave Flaubert


“It is the writer who might catch the imagination of young people, and plant a seed that will flower and come to fruition”.
Isaac Asimov


“The work never matches the dream of perfection the artist has to start with”.
William Faulkner


“A wounded deer leaps the highest”.
Emily Dickinson


“Begin with an individual, and before you know it you have created a type; begin with a type, and you find you have created – nothing”.
F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Pat R


#WQW (Writer’s Quote Wednesday) & #BeWow (Be Writing on Wednesday) – Poet, Mary Webb




Arms of Nature

boisterous creek rushing,
sound of wind through maple leaves
in the arms of nature

Pat R


For Carpe Diem Haiku Prompt: Mirror

This month we are exploring Basho’s way of writing haiku, today’s technique is the ‘comparison’ technique explained as follows,

“…In the words of Betty Drevniok: “In haiku the SOMETHING and the SOMETHING ELSE are set down together in clearly stated images. Together they complete and fulfill each other as ONE PARTICULAR EVENT.” She rather leaves the reader to understand that the idea of comparison is showing how two different things are similar or share similar aspects…”

Im’ not sure I got it but there it is:)

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Carpe Diem Haiku