Echoes of my neighborhood



On approach to the Brooklyn Bridge from FDR drive


This is the Guggenheim Museum on 5th Ave


You know you are downtown when you see this mainstay


The home of the Frick Collection. This was a mansion now a museum. The owners lived with the art on the walls. It is amazing in there! Frick was the strike breaker who worked for Carnegie Steel back in the day. Yes, that one of Carnegie Hall fame.


Love the exterior of that red pub. That was on 14th street.


It was an unseasonably warm day yesterday so I was out and about. And so was everyone else. That person in the red, white and blue was a guy. And no, it was not that kinda hot. Some folks were still wearing jackets, not that guy:)


This was at Union Square Park, a show in itself at any given time:

Pat R


For Echoes of My Neighborhood over at ‘a cooking pot and twisted tales’ hosted by Jacqueline. Stop over..

Echoes of my Neighborhood


Click on this link to  WBGO      for a Jazz Station in Newark, New Jersey streaming live. I think it’s the only one left…something I listen to while I’m in my laptop:)


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