“Sometimes if you’re lucky, someone comes into your life who’ll take up a place in your heart that no one else can fill, someone who’s tighter than a twin, more with you than your own shadow, who gets deeper under your skin than your own blood and bones”

– Snoop Dogg

Oh yes! Love this, the man is a poet!!

Now here is my effort:)

I look calm on the outside
My insides are getting there
A cloud of memories hover and
I am managing to keep them at bay
This connection – palpable still
After decades
Feels like yesterday
My breathing is staccato
I purse my lips to quiet the tremors at my center
I’m not sure how effective that is
As the longing in my eyes betray me
A hint of a smile reached his eyes
As he focused and held my gaze
Damn! He could tell what I was feeling.

( I think I’ll call this a free style poem)

This is in response to the joint effort Colleen at Silver Threading and Ron over at Ronovan Writes. The theme is Romance. So, we are taking a quote and from that weave a romance – poem or flash fiction.

Pat R


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