Pillow Fight


Photo Credit: Google Images

Today was
International Pillow Fight Day –
All weapons aside
Time to work it all out!!
Come on..

Pat R


Now, if only we could work out ALL our problems this way. Apparently this was happening all over the world. No, I didn’t participate:) Maybe next year. Here is a link

More links to pillow fight


International Pillow Fight venues


8 responses to “Pillow Fight

    • Yes. I think it’s 3 years old. But with social median it’s spread all over the world. I first heard of it when my daughter went to one. LoL. There’s another weird one about wearing “no pants day”. That one is in the summer and people get on the subway in business suits, with no pants! Youth!!! LOL!!

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      • Well, I could get caught in the pillow fight day spirit but the “no pants day” one uhm…nope… I don’t think that’d be my thing. LOL. I’m so not up on the trends. I’d be the clueless 90 year old with a cane, a shopping bag full of pants, and another with food trying to save the poor pennyless masses. I’d be saying, “I’m sorry finances are too tight for y’all to buy pants. Here ya go try these pants, kids. Also here are some sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies to hold you over. ” LOL 😂


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