Echoes of My Neighborhood


In lower Manhattan, forgot what street.


This was in Macy’s as well…decor I guess.  Very eye catching.


And this too was in Macy’s. Don ‘t know what he was doing there but he had quite a few buddies.

I swear that store is a community onto itself.


That building with the odd dip in it is in Manhattan, still under construction. Wonder what it will be when it’s finally done.


This is on Nostrand Avenue, near Atlantic.. in Bed Stuy.


Details, it has clearly been there for a while and still in good form. I think this was on Classon Ave in Brooklyn


This is actually in Macy’s, Herald Square

Hope you enjoyed the echoes in my neighborhood this week!

For ‘a cooking pot and twisted tales


Pat R


8 responses to “Echoes of My Neighborhood

      • I think it’s fancy architecture. Over here there are loads of fancy buildings, it’s so interesting. I like your photos and that Macy decor dry plants would look good in a lovely pot inside my house 😉


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