Echoes of my Neighborhood


I had to pull over to get this photo of these cherry blossoms through a mesh fence. They are all over the city. Everything is blooming. Spring at last!! These buildings are very well kept as are the grounds. Some have water view, some views of Manhattan and the bridge to Staten Island..




The geese are back, they were hanging out in the circle at the roundabout. Lots and lots of them!!


These gulls were at the parking lot of the mall. They were salivating over something. I think someone was feeding them.

That is my neighborhood for this week, enjoy. And a good week to all.

For acookingpotandtwistedtales

Pat R


8 responses to “Echoes of my Neighborhood

  1. Love the photos! Lots of the geese spend the winter here. We live right by a playa lake and there are thousands of geese that come and go, all day and night. They have gone already, and we miss seeing and hearing them all summer.


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