Photo credit: Lavender by the Bay

sea of lavender..
beguiles and anoints senses..

Pat R


This is a lavender farm out on Long Island. Sounds like a good spot to go when you just need to runaway from home for a day. This year will be my first trip! I have to find out when they will be in full bloom. Can you imagine the scent in the air? Aah!!

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6 responses to “Lavender

  1. Hi! I’m still trying to visit blogs I haven’t before. So many on the list. However, here I am at yours and enjoying your post on lavender. It’s a plant I have in my garden every year. Its aroma fills my house, too. So relaxing! Great to find your spot on the blog-o-sphere.


    • Thank you for stopping by:) I am on the hunt for lavender plants as we speak:) I never really thought of keeping them indoors, both that and gardenia I plan to have all year this year by taking them indoors during the winter.


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