rhythm of raindrops –
a drum solo on zinc roof
a deeper silence

Pat R

In the spirit of the prompt I translated this last entry to several languages with the help of Google translate:

In Japanese
雨滴のリズム –


Uteki no rizumu – aen yane no ue no doramu soro fukai chinmoku

In French
rythme de gouttes de pluie – un solo de batterie sur le toit de zinc un silence profond

In Italian
il ritmo delle gocce di pioggia – un assolo di batteria sul tetto di zinco un silenzio più profondo

In Greek
ρυθμό της βροχής –

ένα σόλο τύμπανο στη στέγη του ψευδαργύρου

μια βαθύτερη σιωπή

rythmó tis vrochís –

éna sólo týmpano sti stégi tou psevdargýrou

mia vathýteri siopí

In Afrikaans
ritme van die reën – ‘n drom solo op sink dak ‘n dieper stilte

In Filipino
ritmo ng raindrops – isang drum solo sa zinc roof isang mas malalim na katahimikan

In Latin
numerus stillae – tympanum in solo palato cadmiae silentia pervestigationes

In Russian
ритм дождевых капель –

барабан соло на крыше цинка

более глубокое молчание..

ritm dozhdevykh kapel’ –

baraban solo na kryshe tsinka

boleye glubokoye molchaniye

I wonder how closely any of these translations come to the origina. Did it loose it’s original feel in translation!
A little extra fun on this the last day of NaPoWriMo



A to Z Challenge


19 responses to “Zinc

  1. Your poems are evocative. I have used Google translate too. I am bilingual (Finnish) and I find that the translation both to and from the, is very clunky. You get the gist of what the author is saying but the flow is missing as are the subtleties of language. It’s like trying to tell a joke from another language and culture – it often falls flat


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