Autumn Night

autumn night..
I received it from the dog
and gave it to the cat
© Santoka Taneda

she ignored the both of us
keeping her eyes on a mouse

sitting on the porch
gazing at the harvest moon
fields bathe in magic

last night before the harvest
a whispered prayer of thanks

fall chill in the air –
breeze through the trees starts drizzle
of leaves by moonlight

landing on the nightcrawlers
foraging in garden soil

Pat R


For details on this prompt go to

Carpe Diem Haiku



The painting (charcoal drawing actually) is by Odilon Redon, entitled ‘Tears’.

Tears, horizon, fly, hue, stealing. (Words for use in the prompt, along with the picture)

setting sun on the horizon
brings with it a hue that can
only be described as magical
as a flock of birds fly across
this kaleidoscope sky their
silhouettes chasing the sun
a family homeward bound
stirs this sense of longing
that creeps upon me silently
stealing my joy bringing me to this
unexplained place of tears

Pat R


….I know, I said the same thing on my reread at the end…
I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours:)

For Jane Dougherty Writes