Echoes of My Neighborhood


Japanese Maple outside my mom’s house. I got seedlings from it a while ago, now I have one too. Only with skinnier legs. I know it’s weird..I’ll add a picture of it tomorrow.


Here is my baby as promised, skinny legs and all. If you want to watch time zoom by plant a tree from seedling! It’s kinda like watching a child grow. You tend to think they are the only ones getting old, till you realize they’re not!:)


This and the one below is from a tree in my neighborhood.


Today it seems I’ve been seeing red.


This flower is a Jasmine, a Madagascar Jasmine. An indoor plant. Very fragrant, and a vine I plan to train to run all over my house.


This flower is a Gardenia. Also an indoor plant. This morning this particular flower looked like this.


By the end of the day it looked like this.Also very fragrant. And amazing to watch.

This the gods are playing a trick on me because with these two very fragrant flowers all I can smell is cigar! Yes, cigar! And NOBODY smokes. Everyone that walks into my room stops, close their eyes and inhales deeply. Yes, the gods are playing a trick on me! I’m waiting for the fairies to do their magic.

Pat R


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