Echoes of my Neighborhood

A walk in the park on Sunday


This was just standing by itself. The pretty girl that sneaks out of the house and have all eyes on here..and her parents didn’t even know she was gone:)


This box was at the plant store. Gorgeous!


This is begging for a toddler to climb on it. I don’t if it’s art or for just that purpose. Pretty cool shape.


I tried jumping to reach this chin-up bar, but I was too short. A man going by on a bicycle saw my efforts, stopped, got off his bike, picked up that log like it was a feather, and placed it for me to stand on. That was very nice of him. I thanked him, and my shoulders thanks him:)


This is the skateboard park, in the park. The was a toddler running up and down the side of this. That’s about what I would do here. Great idea little one:)


The was a game of cricket going on…Yep, they were a cricket club. And they were having fun..


Spring has sprung everywhere. Everything still has that “tender green” look to it.


Especially these…

For Echoes of my Neighborhood

Pat R


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