small puddles
with crunchy edges
and blue skies

Pat R


Two birds with one stone ‘ Puddles & Riddles

For Inspiration Chèvrefeuille wrote:

“…Puddles …we can see in every season of the year, but today it’s a modern kigo for spring…”

Here are three nice haiku created by Jane for this modern kigo to inspire you:

puddles covered with pollen

the pattern of raindrops
dyes the hills green

snow-melt puddles filling
to the brim

© Jane Reichhold

On haiku riddles, or riddles in haiku
Jane wrote:

“…keep it true, keep it simple and keep it accurate and make it weird. Oh, the old masters favorite trick with riddles was the one of: is that a flower falling or is it a butterfly? or is that snow on the plum or blossoms and the all-time favorite – am I a butterfly dreaming I am a man or a man dreaming I am a butterfly. Again, if you wish to experiment (the ku may or may not be a keeper) you can ask yourself the question: if I saw snow on a branch, what else could it be? Or seeing a butterfly going by you ask yourself what else besides a butterfly could that be?…”

Credit for quote: here

Jane Reichhold

For Carpe Diem Haiku