Small Pond

on full moon

ripples on small pond

a quick splash

Pat R


For Carpe Diem Haiku Prompt: Frog & Fish

Frog & Fish, What do they have in common….a pond. Plus, I learned that frogs eat fish!

For inspiration

“Here are a few examples for this modern kigo:
heron silence
landing in the middle
of frog silence
larger on the lily pad
a frog
delicate pastels
in the pain of a pinch
from a crab
new moons
at the edge of the pond
fish milt
© Jane Reichhold


Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge


Pat R


This is the entry onto the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side. It has been there for a good long time (1883). I see edges here, don’t you? Curvy ones, straight ones and shadow ones:)