Thursday Doors

door 20160422_222632.jpg

Taken on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.  The back of these homes have a view of the skyline of Manhattan. Fabulous at nights and during the day as well! They’ve been around since the 1800s


That is a elevator door is probably the only original part of this building. The SUNY  College of Optometry. This is on 42nd street, across from Bryant Park.

Pat R


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Hues of Autumn


Taken in the mountains yesterday.

up in the mountains
immersed in hues of autumn –
drizzle of colors

Pat R


My first time participating in

Book n Volume Daily Haiku Challenge

where the prompt (or no prompt) is the :Season

Paper Rose


A, just because..taken at Botanic Gardens this year


a folded paper rose
from a secret admirer –
dawn of spring

Pat R

For Carpe Diem Haiku :Folding Paper