Thursday Doors

This used to be a bank (Williamsburg Bank), now condos.
The first photo is of a building that used to be the phone company building. It is now repurposed as condos. Very pricy condos.
Manhattan has moved across the Brooklyn Bridge into Downtown Brooklyn. And with it came the traffic. It used to take me 30 minutes from my neighborhood to the bridge. That now takes 90 minutes. Progress.

For #Thursday Doors
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Pat R


9 responses to “Thursday Doors

  1. On that first one, if you hadn’t mentioned it I think I would have still guessed a utility company. It has that big-corporation-trying-to-impress vibe about it.
    Nice choices this week 🙂


  2. Hi,
    I know KoolAid Moms and Jason Cushman. I like your photos. I am from New York. I also teach about Haikus.
    Maybe you can check out my site if you need any blogging tips. That is what I write about. I also host blogging parties like Jason. I met you at his site.

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