Pink Sakura Blush

pink sakura blush
spring’s kimono falls to earth
silk snatched by a breeze © Kim Russell

blossom drizzle on bare skin
ticklish – she woke up laughing

Pat R


For Cape Diem Haiku: Tan Renga Pink Sakura Blush

The Poet’s Craft

a transfer of scenes
still fluid onto pages
a poem emerge

Pat R


For Cape Diem Haiku Challenge: The Poet’s Craft

From the Paulowina

from the paulownia

without a breath of wind —

falling leaves

~ Nozawa Boncho

tumbling through still air a

final whirl, quiet farewell

Pat R


For Cape Diem Haiku Tan Renga Challenge

Thursday Doors

The green door-
I am not sure this is an entrance to a garage, or to a courtyard as was the case during the age of the horse and buggy. This is a part of a multi-storey building, so who knows. Interesting looking I thought.

The yellow door-
Is to an apartment building.

And the black and white door-
Is to a private home, a Victorian I believe.

They are all taken on the same block in Midwood Brooklyn, the neighborhood of Brooklyn College.  Yep! we’re squished together like that in Brooklyn. All makes and models…archetecture and ethnicities. As a matter of fact, I was on a Falafel run. Even though it was way, way across a few neighborhoods, it was well worth the travels.

Pat R


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