Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

A piece of art in the lobby of the hotel on my recent visit to D. C.


Ah yes, that’s my spring garden. Has some order I think.
For WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

Order in disorder. A windy day at the terminal market outdoor plant stand. Yes, that’s a pineapple plant in a pot. I have one myself, still waiting to see what it will do!

For WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

Pat R


14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

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  4. Thats a very nice pineapple. I’ve been trying to grow them too. I had a small one started a couple of years ago, but it froze here that winter. I have a few growing now, but not sure how long it takes them to make a pineapple. How long did it take for yours to get that big?

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    • Oh, the pineapple in this picture is one I saw at the plant store. I am still waiting for mine to bear fruit. Mine is here
      In that blue 5 gallon container sitting on the edge of my firepit. It’s 2 years old and nothing yet. When I took it indoors this past winter I struggled to get it through the door. But a friend of a friend’s did bear fruit, it takes a while. Can’t wait:) I started another one this year.

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      • Mine are not nearly that big yet, but I think they’re mostly over a year old. This winter we didn’t really have much of a freeze, so most of them survived (I didn’t move them inside). I usually plant them whenever I get a whole pineapple from the store. Most of them start growing, but I’ve never yet harvested a pineapple from any of them.


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