Beautifully Oddball!!

Well, I was suppose to be going for a walk in Prospect Park and I got totally diverted and ended up in the Brooklyn Museum instead. A great time!

A kimono

Closeup of the print.

All of the above is a part of the Georgia O’Keefe Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum today.





Interactive art piece in the lobby of the Brooklyn Museum. The tiles flip to create a new scene. Fun for kids and adults.

Touching the black circles produce notes like a piano. Very cool!


Cees Oddball Photo Challenge

10 responses to “Beautifully Oddball!!

  1. When I saw “Prospect Park” I could not help but think of episodes of Law & Order…i think I could lipsing every episode of ALL the Law & Orders, including SVU and Criminal Intent 🙂 Love the museum shots…the piano is très cool but so are the colourful scenes that transform. Very very nice!!


    • A big fan of Law & Order I see:) I am like that with NCIS..I could watch it all day..and do 🙂 I love that museum. I always enjoy my visits there. Always something interesting going on. Glad you like it.

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