Calm & Wild

I love the sound of waves clamoring ashore. I find myself wondering how many oceans they’ve crossed to get here. They come ashore with such
passion. And fade back out with such sense of accomplishment. The sound and the wind clear the cobwebs from my head. I always feel renewed.


as ocean claims shore
tucked in waves wild abandon
a noteworthy calm

Pat R



Colleens Weekly Poetry Challenge
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Cape Diem Haiku Challenge

Thursday Doors

New York Yacht Club on West 44th St in Manhattan ..this is a window.

These are in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This is more about the surround of the doors than the actual doors. Striking I think.


Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors
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Pat R


Weekly Photo Challenge:Unusual

(Monstera obliqua, Swiss cheese plant, house plant suited for partly shaded habitats.)

I’ve  had the plant in a pot for years. Every now and then I re-pot it with the hope that it will go crazy and run (‘creep’ – its a vine) all over the house. It never does. But it doesn’t die either:) I had no idea what the botanical name was, I looked it up. Where I come from we call it a ‘creeper’.



WP Weekly Photo Challenge :Unusual


Cees Oddball Photo Challenge

Believe it or not, this is still alive.


It blazed another trail and re-rooted itself. That’s the new trunk in the middle!

The sign reads ”

Walking Crabapple Tree planted in 1911, this showy crabapple (Malus floribunda) has lost most of its branches, except for one that has rooted into the ground. Eventually the old trunk and its connection to the living branch will decay and with luck the new tree that’s forming now will flourish on its own.”

Now, that’s amazing!

For Cees Oddball Photo Challenge

Pat R