Spirit & Joy

october surprise
warm air linger at fall’s edge
north wind in limbo
spirit of the holidays
waits joyfully in the wind

Pat R


For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge


12 responses to “Spirit & Joy

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  2. a sundog
    a meterological gems
    ice crystals
    ice crystals
    a meterological gems
    a sundog
    Super tanka! Interestingly I was going for a bird action shot when checking out on the laptop I discover a sundog, it was at around 30-40’000 feet, I’ll post it if and when I find it.

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    • Whoa!!! Is that what that was? I never heard of this. I was driving when I saw this a couple days ago and I pulled over to take this photo. I thought it was interesting that the sun was to the right of this. And that it had something to do with a rainbow; though it hadn’t rained that day. Thanks for enlightening me:) A sundog….cool:)

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      • I found out the same way as you, (on flickr), put it as a rainbow at 30’000 feet, and basically got the same feed back as I gave you. There you go 🙂 PS leave a space between whatever and the : (colon), and the bracket, ( for a sad or ) for a happy, and you’ll get a 🙂 or 😦 . The ; before a bracket makes a winking smiley. You probably know and have just forgot to leave a space?

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