7 Days 7 Photos Day 3

7 Days, 7 Photos in black & white
a black and white photo of your life. No people. No explanation. Also, I am to challenge someone new each day, but I’m leaving that part out. I’m making it an open invitation. Join in if you wish and leave a link in the comment section of this post. I was challenged by Rebel Girl at Photogate.ca


Pat R


4 responses to “7 Days 7 Photos Day 3

  1. I love that and if it is your property, I am jealous! 🙂
    I have to tell you something because it is funny. I left my challenge open for anyone to accept, so when I saw your posts, I assumed you had just taken me up on it.
    Then my husband (Rebel Guy) comes here, looks over at me and says: Hey, you stole my challenge from me! He challenged you! hahahaha!


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