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On the rural route up to the mountains there’s much to see. Horses grazing in fields, and farm houses with red barns and silohs. It’s really like driving through a postcard setting. I’ve seen crows on the side of the road picking at a carcass, and a majestic eagle soar from it high perch keeping an eye on them. But, I’ve yet to see a snow owl. Their domain is the dark of night, while the earth sleeps under a blanket of snow. Though I’ve not seen them, they might have seen me. When the snow on the ground makes light the night. And I slip out onto the porch into the arms of the night. So, I wait for that someday when I get to experience seeing or hearing a snow owl. Till then they live in my imagination.

a hoot here, then there
in the shadows of the moon –
snow owl’s made a match

Pat R



Fukuroo–Who? Who? Who? dVerse Haibun Monday


22 responses to “Haibun Monday @dVerse Poets

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  2. This is do pretty, like a lifelong wish. hope you see one done day. I have not but my son has. Lucky commuters have seen thrm in Montreal and had time to take photos. Boy oh boy now you got me checking more 🙂


  3. I’m with you. There is such a beautiful mystique about a snowy night and I love to just gaze at its beauty. I did learn, however, from a few bloggers who know more about snowy owls than I do, that they hunt in the day!


  4. You have to know where they live and keep an eye out as they are daytime hunters. I’ve seen one twice – briefly. It may even have been the same one. I love the images in this haibun and the haiku is lovely.


  5. I have seen a few owls, but not a snowy owl. They have been few and far between and definitely a treat when I do get to see them. Sounds like a beautiful place…well worth a postcard.

    Thanks for dropping in.


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