The things we do on our own as kids, is at times amazing. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, it stays with us.

I don’t even remember how old I was. But I remember the lesson in school had been about caterpillars turning to butterflies. There had always been caterpillars on the bush behind our house. So, I set out to observe this up close. I caught a caterpillar off a leaf. I started by putting it in a cardboard box. But I couldn’t see anything because he kept hiding under the leaves I’d put in with him. Then, I moved it to a jar with holes in the lid that I’d put in with a nail. Afterall, a caterpillar had to breathe.

I was the first one up at twilight to see what was going on in that jar. I watched it change from a caterpillar, to a chrysalis, to a butterfly.
Then It was time to set it free. Watching that butterfly fly away made me feel like a proud parent. The odd thing was, I felt no sadness seeing it go. Just a sense of wonder every time. What it must feel like to have wings to fly…

a transformation
then a butterfly emerge
humble beginnings

to most delicate beauty
I watch my next life unfold

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub
Where Kim of Writing in North Norfolk is hosting Poetics. To read more on the prompt go here. I went a little sideways on the prompt though☺☺


Thotpurge Micropoetry Month



20 responses to “Butterfly

  1. What a wonderful memory and experience you had as a child…how fortunate to have witnessed this…wow! I envy you [a bit] Even as a child you had already shown your compassion and generous heart setting it free. What a lovely thought to come back as a butterfly too!


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  4. I remember as a child growing up i feared caterpillars so much that one day I found two of them at my doorstep when i was from school. The fear made me not to open the door so I went to neighbors house to wait for my parents to come back and open the door. We had a mango tree and they would come from there. Very big and scary,I couldn’t stand them.


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