Pleasantly Surprised – Haibun


It is an odd view from the window. Bare woods, tree branches stark naked unmoved by birds or breeze. Just engulfed in fog. The type that brings with it a chill that is not easily shaken. I sit cuddling my mug of tea pondering the movement of the sunlight through the morning fog. I liken it to an impressionist painting without the colors. What else could be moving through that mist unseen, I wonder. Then, there they were!

family of deer
fawn lags behind distracted
headed to the creek

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub where tonight is haibun monday and the prompt is : Pleasantly Surprised


28 responses to “Pleasantly Surprised – Haibun

  1. I have a family of deer that live in our backyard.
    THey used to live under the grape arbor til the storms took it. Now they still come there and bed in the grass that grows where it once was Every year new ones come. Some dont return. Some I am sure were taken by hunters and the trials of life.

    There is so much life
    beyond the surface of the fog.


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