perky tulip ears

poking through the soil intact

now fully restored

survives squirrel’s brutal gnaws

brand new life makes it to spring

Pat R


For Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge where the prompt words were Renew & Fresh ( synonyms only). I used Restore & New.



22 responses to “Survivor

    • Oh boy, bet they still have an eye on you😊. Years ago I put dozens down. All I got was nice fat squirrels. Last fall I put them in a huge pot and covered it with an old grill from the barbecue. It should look like a centerpiece. I’ll see what happens.

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      • Those squirrels are as bad as raccoons with their little hands and ability to get to any feeder. My grandparents had a battle with them every year. Lol! I did get in hot water with my neighbor until I explained myself. Gotta watch those yard lines too. Lol! Good luck!


      • I had an ongoing one with raccoons. They were taking up residence under my house. I saw where they were getting in and blocked it with bricks. They just moved it! So I tried cinder blocks. I won!!😊

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