Riches of Color

a majestic stance
though tossed by some wicked winds –
a wilting tulip

in this short stint above ground
life with riches of color

Pat R


For Colleens Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge

The prompt words are Dignity & Success
Use of synonyms only

Dignity : Majesty

Success: Riches


dVerse Poets Poetics where the prompt is Noodling. My word choice is :Life


23 responses to “Riches of Color

  1. Excellent Tanka and photo, Pat. I love it. We had a thunderstorm move through the other evening. The hail ripped apart my Asiatic lilies. I can’t complain. We’re so dry they are outlawing fireworks this year for the Fourth of July. Happy Friday. โค


  2. Interesting, your reminder to us that their life above ground is so short. Iโ€™m always so glad to see them that I forget that theyโ€™re only here a short while. Nice write!


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