manhattanhenge –
sun cast spell in city canyons
the throngs slow its pace

To read more about Manhattanhenge go to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s blog, here


Pat R


For Haiku Horizons where the prompt is “cast

4 responses to “#Manhattan-henge

  1. Fascinating. I immediately drew the connection to Stonehenge. Maybe they got it right, who knows what future generations might think about the remains of our cities? If only one could glimpse into the future but then again you should be careful what you wish for.


    • I am still trying to work out the past. I’ll take the future as it comes. That whole thing is quite interesting though. I keep promising myself a visit to the Hayden Planitarium. Should be fun😊

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      • Well, gazing into the universe is literally a way of looking into the past. Sounds like fun! ☺️ Taking the future as it comes sounds appropriate. I try to live in the present, especially today. Who really knows about tomorrow, after all. Have a great day/night.


      • That is for sure! Some say that’s where it all started. It would be colorful for sure. I wonder if they let you look through those lenses. I have to check this out. Have a great day yourself.

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