A Look Back


A humble room, the bed is pushed up against the green wall. The iron head board bobs with every childish wiggle.
The half dresser half wardrobe was the shiniest thing in the room. The most facinating for us as kids was my mom’s pedal operated Singer sewing machine. That was at the front of the room, near the window. The daylight was better there.

At dusk, the kerosene lamp sits on the dinner table offering light through its glass shade. On it the white inscription, “HOME SWEET HOME”. As we sat in bed, waiting for my dad we can barely contain our excitement. It was time for bedtime stories with pictures cast in shadows against the wall.

tall tales of nature –
duck quacks, wiggles his tail
tadpole on his back



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13 responses to “A Look Back

  1. I’m wrapping up my haibun reading this morning. I wish you could be sitting beside me so you could have a) seen the smile on my face reading this and b)heard me say out loud, “oh my gosh” at the end of your traditional haiku! Such a fabulous and whimsical write!
    I love the details in the prose that take us right into this very warm and obviously love-filled place. From the green walls, to the words on the glass lamp, and most especially to the iron bed that moves with children’s wiggling😊
    The traditional haiku carries the mood and embellishes the prose – based in nature with the animals and even the word nature itsel.” think the tadpole itself can be seen as a kigo for either spring or summer. The break is there with the hyphen…and after reading the full haiku, you realize the play on words with the tall “tales” of nature and the duck tail!
    Just a great write! So glad you posted to the prompt😊


    • I have been enjoying reading your reviews / takeway from each piece. 😊. I do learn so much from all of them. So happy to hear that what i was going for came through. I was a little concerned. My dad was the master of tall tales at story time. We would either be laughing out loud or clinging to him if it was a ghost story. I was wondering if the haiku was a little too quirky to count as such. But i am glad it worked. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback.😊

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