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      • Quite a bit of fruit from the supermarkets are picked too early and are supposed to ripen in transit. Most tomatoes are literally gassed.

        However the organic stuff is expensive and if you don’t use it right away…it goes bad quicker. So there is that trade off.

        I tend to get seconds at my farmer’s market. They may be ugly, but they are just as good and cost less. But again I try to buy just what I will use.


      • Yikes! Gassed! That part I didn’t know.

        I’ve found that out myself…about them going bad really fast.

        I remember a time when we picked ripe fruits off the tree, spice from the spice garden, and shopped daily for just was would be used for that day. Including meats, (no fridge). Everything had a better flavor then😊. Well Jules, you have a good rest of your day. Nice talking to you.

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