Autumn Has Come

It is time once again to journey
to the fall foliage of the mountains
Meadows and valleys are drenched in autumn colors
Autumn has come –

The number of horses in my favorite meadow has grown to four – a foal gallops
Mountain meanders across gray skies
Smoke curls from chimneys once hidden
Autumn has come –

The first thing always, is a walk to the creek
Fallen maple leaves lend a vibrant crunch
in song with the bouncy, joyful creek
Yes. Up high in the mountains,
Autumn has come.

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub where the prompt is a poem with Repetition. Have a visit here.

32 responses to “Autumn Has Come

  1. Living in WA state, within the volcanic ring of fire, I’m a bit of a mountain man myself. Really enjoyed the thin air on your jaunt, the wet crunch of leaves, and seeing my own breath.

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