Monday Haibun – Transition

At this time of year
it’s always in the air
A hunger I can’t define
This hunger I must abide
Spinkled with the dust of melancholy
Rounding the borders of sadness
Hoping always that it doesn’t quite come to that but,
At this time of year
it’s always in the air

another rose blooms
even as autumn holds tight –
change cares for itself

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub where the prompt today is change: “Transition”.

26 responses to “Monday Haibun – Transition

  1. Here in the gray Pac NW, a lot of people suffer with SAD; even to the point of suicide. I was housebound in our basement for 8 months this year; ill health kept out of the sun. I had anxiety attacks and couldn’t sleep at night. My internal clock went haywire. I required meds to get things straightened out.

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    • Good to hear you got that attended to. I feel it coming and actively fight it. I make myself get out and go do something. It seems to help. Thanks for taking the time Glenn.

      Pat R


  2. I like the imagery in your haiku. There are still roses holding out here, and our geraniums, too. Yes, it is a melancholy time of year, and I do have to force myself to get out. In November and December, I feel like I’m ready for bed at 5 PM. because of the darkness.


  3. Not a haibun as it should start with prose and end with a haiku….so doesn’t follow the prompt.
    That said, I liked the poem. You are a good writer….hope that next time Haibun Monday rolls around on dVerse, you’ll try your hand at the haibun form.


  4. I have never known the melancholy you describe. I think those of us who grew up on a farm love harvest time, and look forward to winter as a time to rest!! The first time I visited Oregon I commented to the airline clerk as I was leaving (in November) that it was such a beautiful state I hated to leave. He replied, “But it rains from now to March!” No doubt he, too, experiences the melancholy!

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    • This made me smile😊. I can see looking at winter as a time of rest, it makes sense. Spending time on a farm is on my bucket list. It’ll probably turn out to be nothing like I imagined it to be. That airline clerk must have thought you were nuts!😊


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