Eavesdropping- A Quadrille

Steeped in nature,
Eavesdropping –

Mass flutter of wings
erase trickling rustle
of falling leaves

Sparrows on a lark
on pine branches

Call of the crow pierce
the babble of the creek

Unseen scurry under dried leaves
sends a shiver up my spine –
Eavesdropping halted!

Pat R


For dVerse Poets where the poem of choice is the Quadrille (a 44word poem) and theprompt word is ” Steep”.


17 responses to “Eavesdropping- A Quadrille

  1. Wonderful whirring of life around you, chilling shift from observer to stalked… or just startled by a squirrel. Once I was hiking with my young son and sweetie at Callaway Gardens, we heard a rustle under the bushes, and leaned down to peer across the trail under the growth to see a little black bear face looking out at us. Made our hearts pitter patter and feet turn about smartly the others direction. Your poem brought me back those 15 years to that day.

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