Jazz – Street Murals

These are two of about eight murals that act as cover for a building that is undergoing renovation. This takes the eyesore out of the construction site. I always thought that all the murals, often seen in groups, were done by one artist. Not so! I think this one had a curator. It’s at Underhill Ave & Lincoln Place in Brooklyn.

Well, the first one says Charlie Parker. But the second one had no name on it. The artist left it up to us. I think it’s Roy Hargrove. What do you think?


Pat R





16 responses to “Jazz – Street Murals

  1. You ever watch the train go past and see the traveling art show roll by? There are some fantastically talented people in the world! I’m always in awe of what someone can paint (often in the dark) with a spray can.

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    • For real, I know what you mean A friend I have know for 30 years picked up a paint brush and painted one of my photographs. I never knew she could do that, it was amazing!! She was all calm and nonchalant while I was jumping up and down. Says she hadn’t done that since grade school. Awesome talent.

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      • I have a daughter like that. 2 years ago she painted for the first time and it was friggin amazing. Any medium, any style, and she does it while watching Netflix or texting her boyfriend. She started going to art shows last year and sold-out all her pieces. I’m still drawing stick figures…


      • Wow! You must be so proud. That’s a special kind of gift. I must tell my friend about the art show aspect. She is now working on pieces to do a showing at her home in the summer. After how we all reacted she drove back in. I’m always popping in for sneak peeks. I’m with you with the stick figures:)

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