Spring Fervor -Haibun

Last night we had four inches of slurpy snow. This dawn, through the rhytmn of the melt, I hear the call of birds in flight. Wonder where they have been!

Last week I was on the hunt for spring in the garden. The wheat brown of winter holds fast. Not much has changed there. The pointy ears of tulips are nowhere in sight. Nothing yet from vines that make their home on the fence.

There are some noticable changes to the pear tree though. The buds that dawdled during the winter, are suddenly more robust. And the yearly co-mingling of the honeysuckle and grape is unavoidable. They are lined up to do what they do – run wild. All caught up in the fervor of march madness!

slurpy snow linger
on bare branches brooding
in the face of spring

Pat R


For Colleen’s weekly Poetry Challenge where the prompt words are the poets choice.


For dVerse Poets Pub where Merril is the host and thoughts turn to “March Madness”.

20 responses to “Spring Fervor -Haibun

  1. Like the “branches brooding” especially 🙂 You have a pear tree–wonderful! Is there a partridge in it at Christmastime? (Maybe you get asked that a lot :))

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  3. I can tell you where all the birds were––in my backyard. I live on a golf course and during the winter we get all kinds of birds that fly in from the north. I love it. Beautiful Haibun, Pat! ❤


    • Ha, beautiful. So that’s where they’ve been😊. I love when the birds raise a ruckus in the mornings. It just says, “rise and shine” to me😊. Thank you for reading.



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