Thursday Door -28 Broadway

This door is on Broadway in Manhattan. The financial district, to be exact. To the right of this door a few doors down is the Wall Street Bull where a crowd gather and lines form of visitors waiting patiently to take a photo with the bull; at all hours it seems. That’s pretty cool, actually. That thing is huge!

Now back to this door. When I googled the address to get a peek at the building’s history, 26 Broadway popped up. It happens, don’t ask. I know this because the same happens with my address. For whatever reason it has too numbers. Anyway, the building went up in the 1885, and was the new headquarters of Standard Oil. Yep, the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil . I read a blurb somewhere that this is where they moved corporate when the government made Rockefeller break up his monopoly. Interesting history.

It has 31 floors, 11 elevators, the style is neoclassical. And it’s A New York City Landmark.

So, here is the bull I mentioned earlier


And behind the bull was this guy. Yes, a real live guy playing statue. Note his box for donations after posing with him for photos.


And this was only mid morning, on a Friday. A good weekend to all.

Pat R


For Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge.



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