Thursday Doors





Only a couple this week. I’ve been falling off on my door excursions lately. The door was rather plain compared to the surround.  So detailed! This actually looked like there were apartments in here, as opposed to a private home. Truly eye catching. This was around Jerolomon St, downtown Brooklyn.




For Norm’s Thursday Doors. Pass by and have a look see.



15 responses to “Thursday Doors

  1. The city is the right kind of area to see some great doors like here! Since for the past few years I have moved to the country side, i noticed all doors are plain, and I need to travel to the city for some variety! These are beautiful doors. Sometimes, the way they are framed, with pillars and so on, gives them even more presence! Love the first screen door- stunning!


  2. You have an eye for the unusual, elite architecture. Don’t lose that, and don’t limit it to doors. You can do a lot with that searching eye over time. Travel is in your future with a talent like the one you exhibit here. “May the wind always be at your back!”

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