Great & Small


It is the day before Thanksgiving and it seems everyone is out picking up last minute items. People are everywhere and the traffic is crazy as impatient horns blare.

I reach into my pocket and her list, hand written in pencil, is crumpled around my keys. I fish it out, smoothing it as I squint to read :-

Red peppers
Green peppers
Greatnut ice cream

Bizzy, she makes tea from this. “Good for the knees”, she says while rubbing it. I still have trouble figuring out which of her home remedies are mostly old wives tales. That matters not, though. It’s what she gets from it. I suspect they have more to do with her refusing to just give up. Or, to leave her fate in the hands of another.

Arthritis is taking its toll. That right knee is markedly larger than the left. So it can’t be comfortable. And she has given up on doctors. “They’re not doing anything for me, they’re just rifling through my insurance”, she complains. And soldiers on.

At age 87, she is still a warrior!

sparrows in a ruckus
above the roar of traffic –
how’s this possible?
I pause – from atop street light
an unlikely burst of nature

Pat R

A Tanka haibun having to do with giving thanks for things great and small. For Tanka Tuesday over at Colleen’s, also over at Frank Tassone’s Poetry Challenge where the prompt is Thanksgiving.


18 responses to “Great & Small

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  2. My MIL lived into her early 90’s up until the last 6 months or so very independently.
    But she would only deal with one aliment/major issue at a time… I think feisty goes a long way… What is Bizzy?

    Speaking of Thanksgiving lore I had always thought it quite funny that she made it a point to tell me that when she and her husband had gotten their first home together that she made sure she didn’t have room to have large gatherings!

    Also remember to top your sweet potato casserole with mini marshmallows 🙂


    • She is definitely feisty:)

      Bizzy is from some plant, probably the flower because it looks like coffee grinds. She is always trying some home remedy. I worry that they might clash with the meds she’s already on. But her answer to my worries is that ‘it won’t because they ( the meds) don’t work’.

      That size of the house thing is hilarious:)

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