Shortest Day

As we drove home from our escape to the mountains this evening, we noted the throng of pedestrians walking onto the Brooklyn Bridge. The setting sun was the draw. That huge setting sun was a blaze of orange, just sitting at the waters edge. This made for specular views on approach to the bridge while driving. I have never noticed the sun this size before. Too busy not looking up, I guess. I’m not sure what caused it, but it was a sight to behold three days before Christmas!

a huge sun

lolls in evening sky-

shortest day

Pat R


#Merry Christmas!! #Happy Hanukkah!!

This photo is of a house in my neighborhood. They do go all out every year, and have been doing so for some years.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Merry Christmas /Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year to you and the family! May the holidays bring you more love than you ever thought possible.

To all who stopped by, said hello or liked something I’ve posted..I thank you for your support:)

I hope you managed to stay off the naughty list:)

Pat R