Nearly Spring

This winter felt like a misnomer for most of the time. It has been marked with extraordinarily picturesque skies. Everytime I turned my camera skyward there was that little voice. Nature reminding me that at the very heart of such beauty, may be global warming.

As spring creeps in, I keep waiting for the charm of a proper snowfall. This unseasonably warm winter  seem to have fooled no one but me. The young leaves of the butterfly bush takes a stand. They look sturdy and healthy. They’re not going anywhere, despite their encounter with a transient snowfall. They’ve suffered no harm.

spring comes alive
plant pots at the garden’s edge
wore winter like clutter

Pat R


Dverse Poets Pub where Frank Tassone is hosting Haibun Monday and the prompt is “Spring”

For Ronovan Writes Haiku where the prompt words are “Charm & Harm”

For Eugenia’s Challenge where the prompt word is “Alive”


48 responses to “Nearly Spring

  1. A delightful reflection on the survival of the fittest shaking off winter, even though mild. We haven’t had much winter in our area except a few days in the 20 degree F bracket. Today, our temp was 74 F – crazy weather! Thank you for participating, Pat.


  2. I too see global warming in the unseasonal weather, Pat. The seasons seem to have shifted and I expect snow before or around Easter. I love the haiku – plant pots do seem to wear winter like clutter!

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