#Thursday Doors – Brooklyn

In Williamsburg
This is the building for that door above
Again in Williamsburg
And this is the building that the one above came from. The Williansburg Savings Bank building. Not sure if it’s still a bank. But there’s one on Flatbush that now house very fancy condos.
This one is around the Grand Army Plaza neighborhood
This one too. They are two apartment building entrances…side by side
Can’t remember where this one was. But I’m sure if I take the time to look Google will have it all done. They time date and tag your photos. Creepy!!
I took a look see…it’s in Williamsburg also. A place of worship, a side door ( compliments of Google)

Pat R

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19 responses to “#Thursday Doors – Brooklyn

  1. I love the last one–looks like verdigris–is it? I’m curious–do you just pick a day and go out in the city hunting doors? This is my favorite feature! πŸ™‚


    • Sometimes. But must of the time I’m going about my day and see a fab door and have to stop and take a picture. These doors and that mural from the previous post was from the same neighborhood. That day I was on the hunt for this old record store😊. And no, I don’t know what that door is.
      Glad you like it. Thank you.


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