She came to visit on a peaceful saturday evening. Meandering conversations about everyday things, morphed into events of childhood and upbringing.

The traumas and dramas, the love and conflicts. Families and their decisions made out of love, that is truly misunderstood by the young minds they were meant to  shield.
Then came reflections on this life changing sorrow. There are moments caught between heart-beats, that goes the way of time. There is no changing it. There is no revisiting it And its one true quality is that it is everlasting.

This was one of those moments. After the revelation it just hung in the air.

a mother’s grief –
in remembrance
through decades, she kept
the last T-shirt he wore,
bullet hole intact

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub where Kim is hosting and the phrase to be incorporated in the response is
” There are moments caught between heart-beats”

29 responses to “Conversations

  1. Ah, this is satisfying, the kind of conversation only possible with someone you’ve known and loved for many, many years. The ability to range widely and deeply. And this line resonates with me: “After the revelation it just hung in the air.”

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  2. Whether with a mother, daughter, sister, other blood relative or old school friend, get-togethers after a long time will always result in those meandering conversations that start in the evening and go on well into the early hours of morning. They are so familiar. I meandered with you, Pat, and was intrigued by the ‘traumas and dramas, the love and conflicts’ and the ‘decisions made out of love’. I was not expecting the bullet hole!

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