A Moment

Who stops to look up at the stars anymore anyway? Lately, I find myself doing that more and more. It seems my head is always in the clouds. My way of stopping to smell the roses, I guess. It feels like a stolen moment that brings me to a place of wonder. If only for a moment.

Then I step back into my reality.


a full moon’s

hidden agenda,

rising tides

Pat R

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge where the prompt is the theme of “Finding Clarity”


dVerse Poets Pub where  Merril is hosting Poetics   and the prompt is “Impermanence” 





27 responses to “A Moment

  1. I look at the stars almost every night and wonder who is watching me back. No, not paranoia! Haha, more like the spirits…God has put such a beautiful spectacle together with a starry night, it is amazing. No matter how many times we have learned it in school or read about stars in books, they amaze me to no end.


  2. Oh Wowza–“full moon’s hidden agenda”–stellar!! Where I live it’s impossible to see the stars, too much traffic and light…but sometimes I think I see the Morning Star, all alone.


  3. Those moments are special–a bit of magic sometimes. We actually still get a paper delivered in the morning, and when I go out to get it, it’s usually dark–that’s when I look up at the sky and the stars and moon. But my head is also often in the clouds. 😉
    I really like your haiku, too.

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