My daughter is an only child. She often played alone. As a child, her toys would be out. And she would be having these conversations with her dolls. Or, so I thought. I learned that the ‘person’ she had been talking to had a name. His name was Michael, her maginary friend. While this was happening I attributed it to being a normal part of childhood development. My mother, however, was alarmed.

She is older now. She describes him as having had dirty blonde hair, always wore shorts and always carried a blanket around. A security blanket I imagine. That’s when they were both little.

Not so very long ago he visited her in a dream. This was when she was in her late twenties, she said. Two old friends who hadn’t see each other in a good while. To the point of almost not recognizing each other. But they did. He recognized her first, with ” Don’t you recognize me?”. They hugged, talked about life and about college. This was when I chimed in, “What college?”. I’m thinking this kid has got to be on the face of this earth somewhere. And it’s time to start digging through college year books!


imaginary friends
play through a crack in time
a gift from the universe
at the behest of ancestors, or
are such episodes walking the path of fate

Pat R


A haibun Gogyohka ( if there is such a thing) for V.Jsย Weekly Challenge where the prompt word is “Imaginary”.

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25 responses to “Imaginary

    • Yeah I was an only child too and had 4 imaginary friends. Their names were Crack, Zim and Murray and my best friend’s name was mud gaurd… I kid you not. They visited me from the age of 2 to 4 years old. I would insist on leaving food out for them. I think my parents had difficulty in keeping a straight face when hearing their names. I don’t know why I needed them or why so many as I am a loner.


      • Four! I have to tell my daughter ๐Ÿ˜Š. And maybe so many because the universe was preparing you to be that loner that you’ve become. You never know, stranger things have happened!

        And thanks, on the comment on the photo. Taken in my garden.๐Ÿ˜Š

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