img_20200325_142804It feels weird to even think this, let alone say it out loud. But I think the same set of birds that seem to live in my garden are back. A true sign of spring. They were here yesterday. They came back today. A gnarly bunch. A diverse bunch. Sparrows, red breasted robins, cardinal ( the red one with that funky head piece), and a green parakeet. That one I didn’t see.

The birds are back again today
This time, more than just one couple

She is still about the work of the day
Still locked in her nest building bubble

Pat R


No, I didn’t know all that about birds. I looked it up at The Cornell Lab – All About Birds. Very interesting site. It’s connected to Cornell University I think.

For dVerse Poets Pub where Frank Hubeny is hosting…the prompt is Couplets. My first time writing one of these. To read more about it, to see other entries or to participate go here

28 responses to “Nesting

  1. I like couplets poetry–very nicely wrought! A “gnarly, diverse bunch” made me smile–perhaps they see safety in community 🙂


  2. Nothing weird about it, Pat! Flocks and individual birds, especially the magpie, visit our garden regularly and I feel as if I know them. I enjoyed your couplets very much, familiar like old friends, or the not so gnarly dVerse bunch!.

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    • Thank you Kim. I wondered if they could be the same. This would be the 3rd year I’m noticing the makeup of this group. I also would love to think they are the same😊. Maybe they’re the next generation😊.


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    • They are facinating to watch! A pair from this set is building a nest in one of my tangley, low trees. I thought it was kinda early ’cause the leaves didn’t come in fully yet. A fun thing to look forward to.😊


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    • Thank you Eugenia. There are always stray cats wandering through and downright sleeping on the garden chairs. I guess they are on the hunt. Never saw any evidence of there success though.



  3. Isn’t it nice that, when our lives seemed at the moment suspended, the little birds know that life will go on, and build their nests trusting that it will. I liked your description of her nesting bubble!

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  4. Your post reminds me it’s time to start observing the nesters in the yard. I’m a casual bird watcher, mostly in the backyard, and the Cornell Lab is my ‘go to’ for bird information, bird call audios, etc. Good post.

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  5. Oh the sweet chirrup of sparrows. Just outside my window is a mango tree, home to so many birds and each morning their dawn-chorus is the sweetest thing to wake up to!


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