Stray Cat


A mocking bird has been nesting in my small tree. She has been very vigilant about making a ruckus whenever anyone, or anything goes near her nest. The squirrel she was chasing around last week has moved! Now there’s this cat!


batting average falls
stray cat sleeps under her tree –
nesting mocking bird


nesting mocking bird
stray cat asleep under her tree –
she stands near my bat

Pat R


For Ronovan Writes Haiku where the prompt words are Bat & Cat.


14 responses to “Stray Cat

  1. I don’t know why I like cat more than dog. My girlfriend always like dog but I like cat. She has a dog and she says that is her sister.And she really the dog as her sister. However, it’s nice. Thank you

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    • Ha, Ha! Yep, they seem to know how to put 2&2 together. The same thing happened to me. The seeds would be gone in no time and the feeder would be lopsided. But my neighbor saw racoons going at it. Hurricane Sandy had moved them out of the Reserve so they were all over the neighborhood.

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  2. We have a cat and she is an inside cat. She loves to watch the birds out the window. Luckily for the birds, she stays inside. She is the most entertaining animal.


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