Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

An apartment building door.

Yep, that’s to a garden. Not attached to a fence. A fancy fenceless door. Odd!

I’ve never seen those on a door before, only on windows

The bottom of this door is down some steps.

That’s all for this week. Doorscursions in lockdown has been anemic at best. These I scored while on essential errands from the car.

Pat R


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10 responses to “Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

  1. Door below street level: I wonder if flooding is an issue

    Door with the shutters: I saw those in England on the upper level of an old house. We walked out of the windows that swung open onto the roof of the sunroom below. It was a weird experience. The shutters protected the windows from flying branches during their windy storms. Actually, it was kind of romantic.


    • Oh! That protection part makes sense.

      Around here the doors below street level do have a flooding issue. You have to be vigilant on clearing the drains. But I find if there’s an awning above it that helps. And if the ground slopes a bit away from the house, that works too. We have one in the back so I’ve been through that😊

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  2. I LOVE scrollwork, whether in iron, wood, or etching in glass. The door to the garden is quite intriguing! And I don’t recall seeing shutters on a door, but why not? πŸ™‚ Great “doors” post as always, Pat!!


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