IMG_20200526_105515.jpgI’m grateful for life and breath

as I greet each new day

I know it wasn’t promised

Pat R


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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Gratitude” June 1, 2020

17 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Beautiful expression of gratitude. If life is a promise, then there is a kind of contractual obligation to give us our lives and this wondrous world in which we live out our lives. If life is a gift, then we are owed nothing and can be grateful for everything. If we humans are each the child of a covenant, then we can find solace in the guarantee made to our forebears; but if we humans are each the recipients of a special gift, then we can find in everything the same joy a child finds in unwrapping a present beneath a Christmas tree.

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    • I would much rather think of life as a gift. Because if it were promised, I believe, it would not so easily be brought to an end…be it by bad actors or disease. Although, this argument might not hold water because there have been events in a life where one wonders “how did this person ever live through that”. Then it could be argued that that person’s life was “promised”, or part of a covenant as you say. Maybe there’s a teetering between the two. And fate is the final decider. I like your idea though of finding that same joy in everything that a child does in opening Christmas gifts. Such joy should undoubtedly make us kinder to each other. But, we’re human. So we’d probably find ways to muck that up. Thanks for the visit and for your thoughtful comment.


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      • Yes. We are human, and so perfection always eludes us. There is joy in striving to be better, though, and in time society (and individual persons) can become more oriented toward kindness and justice. The key is for more people to find in themselves that childlike innocence they may have had once but had lost for one reason or another. Children can be cruel, of course, but they are also more likely to be open and accepting to the world around them. Art and poetry, among other endeavors, can predispose us back toward this blessed state of innocence.

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      • I don’t know if I would describe striving to be better as a joyous pursuit. I think that falls more under being able to live with yourself. At least for me it does. Relearning being open and accepting is a good start down the road to being a better person. Art and poetry being a route to that. I don’t know about that. That’s more of an escape for the artist and the poet as far as I’m concerned. But in doing so, if you can bring a few people with you on this escape, that’s a good thing.

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