Summer Storm

wp-1593472961026.jpgThe light of morning has been seized upon by a mighty thunder storm. Charcoal gray clouds now fill the sky.

They soon give way to ploppy raindrops and pea sized hail. The leaves of the hydrangea is in a tremulous dance. Hail pings off the metal back stairs, and the glass door. Those landing on the stairs are immediately washed into puddles by the vigorous downpour. This, results in their immediate drowning.

The limbs of the tall lopsided pine are in an uproar. As are all the hefty bushes in the garden. They are locked in a lively jig with this wild wind.

thunder romps

across morning sky –

summer storm

Pat R


Eugi’s Weekly Challenge where the prompt is “Mighty”






15 responses to “Summer Storm

  1. Oooh, what splendid writing, Pat!! I love “ploppy”, the limbs of the pine “in an uproar”, “tremulous dance” and “lively jig”–splendid, every bit!


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