Birthday – Haibun


I was never really a particularly chatty person. I always had my nose in a book, and I could never abide foolishness much. I was more interested in capturing caterpillars and watching them change. Looking back, It felt like even as a child I was an old soul.

This, coupled with parents who were always at each others throat didn’t leave much time for celebrations. Especially not of birthdays. I don’t remember ever having a birthday party when I was young. That was never a big thing at our house. There were more pressing needs.

I do remember it being a day of protest, or acting up on my part. Thinking on this day I was somehow immune. The problem was my mom didn’t much abide foolishness either. So usually with my acting up, I got the order to “go pick a switch”. Birthday or no birthday.

new butterfly soars
on the wings of summer wind –
the nature of change

Pat R

For dVerse Poets Pub where it is haibun monday and the prompt is “Birthday”.
Kim is hosting. Come do some reading or paticipate here.


For Tanka Tuesday over at Colleen’s where it’s Poet’s choice this week. Stop by and do some reading or join in here.

20 responses to “Birthday – Haibun

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  2. We have a lot in common, Pat, and so much of your haibun was familiar to me; I too had my nose in a book, collected caterpillars, and didn’t have birthday parties when I was a child. I’m glad you wrote about the disappointment of birthdays, which exists for so many people, and which those who do celebrate never experience. I love the haiku.


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