A Shift

I can see the changes as summer days slip away. It seems that at five thirty in the evening, the light is already changing. I wonder if it’s just overcast skies. But it’s been persistent, so maybe not.

The rustle of leaves up high in tree tops suddenly sound louder. To the left, Canada geese congregate in the open field. The sparrows are outnumbered, so they’ve moved elsewhere. The sweltering heat has moved on.

a shift in time –

under the uproar of the wind in trees

a kinder breeze

Pat R


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33 responses to “A Shift

  1. This is Sooooo lovely, Pat. Changes can have a bittersweet taste, I’m glad for cooler days–but I miss the long hours of sunlight. And I’m simply stunned that it’s September.

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  2. I love the autumnal shift, Pat, and the way you have captured it in your haibun, right down to the rustle of leaves sounding louder and the geese congregating in the field. Thank goodness for the kinder breeze.

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